About NTT Group

NTT Group is a leading company in the telecommunications business. We operate in a wide range of domestic and overseas markets by utilizing the customer base and expertise in communication networks and ICT that we have cultivated over our history.

About NTT Group About NTT Group The first company in NTT group focus on “Agriculture and ICT”.Revitalizing and renovation community via smart agriculture. The first company in NTT group focus on “Agriculture and ICT”.Revitalizing and renovation community via smart agriculture.

Business Overview


High tech greenhouse construction

  • Assembling the best solution & equipment for each greenhouse project with our partner
  • Electrical engineering
  • Onsite Support (ASIA)

Digital farming system development

  • Advanced environment management with IoT
  • Optimization farm operating (lobar management, sales marketing, agronomic supports) by analyzing of environment and growth data utilizing AI.

Running company owned cultivated land

  • Development & Demetallation our solutions
  • Implementation of the new horticultural technologies via cooperation with various companies

Our Value

Variable Business partner

Variable Business partner
NTT AgriTechnology(with NTT-EAST group)

Construction & Support greenhouse

Building Greenhouse Installation electrical materials Support them

Connectivity for IoT devices

Drawing & Providing network connection of inside green house​ at any local location

Development IoT/ICT system

Development of advanced horticultural systems by IoT/ICT and AI technologies​

Innovation with regional players

Relation with local governor, universities & companies at every prefecture

Our experiences

in cooperation with regional governments & companies

Core Members

NTT AgriTechnology

Taiga Sakai CEO

Hirotaka Kobayashi Senior Vice President
General Manager of General Marketing Headquarters Director of Corporate Planning Division Director of Sales and Solution Division

Kanji Yoshitake Senior Vice President
General Manager of Digitalized Farming Promotion Headquarters Director, Food Value Chaing Service Promotion Division Director, Production & Sales Division

Daiki Endo Senior Vice President
Director of Design and Planning Division, Digitalized Farming Promotion Headquarters

Shingo Maehara Senior Vice President
Director of Corporate Management Division, General Marketing Headquarters

Keigo Kumata Senior Vice President Director of Construction Management Division, Digitalized Farming Promotion Headquarters

Hideo Soeda Senior Vice President Design and Planning Division, Digitalized Farming Promotion Headquarters

Fumitake Sato Senior Vice President

Masaki Hiizumi Farm Director

Agricultural team from NTT-EAST

Masakazu Abe

Sho Kikuchi

Seiya Nishida

Koudai Nakagomi

Masaru Tomatsuri


Top Message

We are the only company in the NTT Group specializing in food and primary industry.

The recent impact of "geopolitical and infectious disease risks“, “escalating climate change“, "international price hikes and exchange rate fluctuations" and other factors have once again highlighted the stable supply of food as a national security risk. I am sure that you are now familiar with this risk in more and more situations.

Against this backdrop, we have been working with various partners in both Japan and overseas to promote projects in order to play a role in the "stable supply of food" and "growth, transmission, and enhancement of the attractiveness of the primary industry. As the word "Rural Village" suggests in Japan, we realize that the primary industry is an important local industry that cultivates culture and community, and that it is closely related to the creation of a community. The primary industry is also characterized by a very broad base of peripheral industries, including logistics, warehousing, local energy, processing, and food sales. It would be my greatest pleasure if we can be involved in "regional development" such as an "agricultural eco-city" that starts from the primary industry, integrates peripheral industries and infrastructure, and combines the assets of the NTT Group.

In addition to production and sales at our own farms and land-based aquaculture farms, our business achievements include support for building smart cities with primary industry as the starting point, design and construction of large-scale high-tech greenhouses, breeding (new breed development), provision of labor and production management systems, yield prediction, consulting, field sensing, productivity improvement and labor saving using IoT/AI, support for building communication systems, measu res against birds and animals, remote farming support, robotics application support, sales of related products, and lecturing. Please take a look at the case studies on our website, along with the key implementation results.

We not only provide the methods to solve issues, but we also dive into those issues ourselves, providing powerful and realistic stories to our clients. Our goal is to strive to contribute to society the expertise we have acquired through these experiences.

As a member of the NTT Group, we are a company that works together with local communities. Although it is a challenging business, we believe that there are domains where we can contribute because of our company, and we will continue to move forward. In the spirit of "co-creation" rather than "competition," we will continue to create novel ideas with customers. With your guidance and encouragement, we will continue to devote ourselves to Japanese agriculture and to the world.

Thank you.

Taiga Sakai
NTT AgriTechnology


Corporate Data

Company Name NTT AgriTechnology Corporation
President and CEO Taiga Sakai
Founded July 1, 2019
Our Business ・Providing solutions for building and running next-generation greenhouse horticulture with IoT, AI and etc.
・Running own cultivated land of next-generation greenhouse horticulture
Capital 400 million yen
Locations of Headquarter

19-2 Nishi-Shinjuku 3-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Access Information(By Train)
Our Office is a five minute walk from the East Exit of the Keio New Line's Hatsudai Station (served by the Toei Shinjuku Line).

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