About NTT Group

NTT Group has proceeded to implement strategic initiatives that address changes in the social structure while simultaneously leading innovation in information and telecommunications technologies.

About NTT Group About NTT Group The first company in NTT group focus on “Agriculture and ICT”.Revitalizing and renovation community via smart agriculture. The first company in NTT group focus on “Agriculture and ICT”.Revitalizing and renovation community via smart agriculture.

Business Overview


High tech greenhouse construction

  • Assembling the best solution & equipment for each greenhouse project with our partner
  • Electrical engineering
  • Onsite Support (ASIA)

Digital farming system development

  • Advanced environment management with IoT
  • Optimization farm operating (lobar management, sales marketing, agronomic supports) by analyzing of environment and growth data utilizing AI.

Running company owned cultivated land

  • Development & Demetallation our solutions
  • Implementation of the new horticultural technologies via cooperation with various companies

Our Value

Variable Business partner

Variable Business partner
NTT AgriTechnology(with NTT-EAST group)

Construction & Support greenhouse

Building Greenhouse Installation electrical materials Support them

Connectivity for IoT devices

Drawing & Providing network connection of inside green house​ at any local location

Development IoT/ICT system

Development of advanced horticultural systems by IoT/ICT and AI technologies​

Innovation with regional players

Relation with local governor, universities & companies at every prefecture

Our experiences

in cooperation with regional governments & companies

Core Members

NTT AgriTechnology

Taiga Sakai CEO

Daiki Endo Senior Vice President
Digital Farming Development Production & Sales Development

Shingo Maehara Senior Vice President
Digital Farming Development

Shigeharu Kato Senior Vice President

Keigo Kumata Senior Vice President Digital Farming Development

Hideo Soeda Senior Vice President Digital Farming Development

Masaki Hiizumi Own Farm Director

Agricultural team from NTT-EAST

Masakazu Abe

Sho Kikuchi

Seiya Nishida

Koudai Nakagomi

Masaru Tomatsuri


Top Message

~ Community Revitalization by utilizing ICT and Agriculture ~

I deeply appreciate your continued support.
“NTT AgriTechnology” was established as the first company specializing in combining agriculture and ICT in the NTT Group.
NTT East has continued to exchange opinions everyone at the municipalities, JA, agricultural corporations, and farmers, and helped solve issues revolving around agriculture, this region's primary industry, and other related issues, as well as performed a number of projects together to promote even further growth.
I feel a renewed appreciation for the fact that agriculture is the largest industry that has contributed to Japan as well as this region, and have worked searching for options as we face the issues of a decreasing birthrate and aging population and international competition, much as other industries are facing.
All the while, we have been receiving feedback from municipalities stating that they expect the effective use of unused farm land and next generational protected horticulture that can create new employment opportunities to assist with revitalizing the region. From farmers and agricultural corporations, we have been told that a comprehensive system, including facility design, IoT, robotics, and work style (labor and production management, etc.) will be required to implement next generational protected horticulture.
For these reasons, our new company was established with the purpose of using next generational protected horticulture for regional social and economic revitalization, and use next generational protected horticulture IoT/AI technology to produce agriculture ourselves, and provide total solutions to our clients.
Agriculture is notable for being an industry with an extremely large amount of related industries, including distribution, storage, local energy, processing, and food retail. It would be my greatest pleasure if we could assist in urban planning in which we could bring together agriculture related industries and combine them with the assets of the NTT group to form an agricultural eco-city.
NTT Agritechnology and NTT East will move forward together with the people living in this region.
It is a challenging business, but we will move forward with the belief that it is something our company is capable of.
We will cooperate, rather than compete, with you all to create new things.
I look forward to expanding the business with your help.
Thank you.

Taiga Sakai
NTT AgriTechnology


Corporate Data

Company Name NTT AgriTechnology Corporation
President and CEO Taiga Sakai
Founded July 1, 2019
Our Business ・Providing solutions for building and running next-generation greenhouse horticulture with IoT, AI and etc.
・Running own cultivated land of next-generation greenhouse horticulture
Capital 400 million yen
Locations of Headquarter

19-2 Nishi-Shinjuku 3-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Access Information(By Train)
Our Office is a five minute walk from the East Exit of the Keio New Line's Hatsudai Station (served by the Toei Shinjuku Line).

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